NIGHT’S END Hints at Haunted Happenings in Exclusive Clip

Shudder’s upcoming film Night’s End boasts a few of horror’s greatest elements. Isolation. A person living in a haunted place. Weird film footage that reveals unfolding horrors. And an exorcism that takes an already left field situation even further off course. Night’s End is directed by Jennifer Reeder of V/H/S/94 fame and will hit the streaming service on March 31. Until then, get a taste of what to expect in this exclusive and quite funny Night’s End clip.

We meet our protagonist Ken, a man (Geno Walker) living alone in his new apartment. He spends his days filming self-help videos that aren’t moving the needle. Oh, and he oddly has stuffed birds sitting around. We find out through a video chat with his friend (played by Felonious Munk) that he’s spending more time talking about “the crushing anguish of human existence” than giving tips. Needless to say, his views are low and he isn’t happy.

A shadowy demon stands in the doorway of the poster for Shudder's upcoming Night's End film.

It seems like a normal conversation between friends until Ken’s friend mentions that one of his birds fell behind him. Ken goes back to watch the video and realizes that it did indeed happen. It looks like the bird stood up and took a dive off the shelf. He’s understandably perplexed and the Night’s End clip leaves us there, ready to see what happens next. 

Earlier this month, Night’s End gave us a trailer that hits the line between engaging viewers but not giving away everything. It appears that our poor friend’s apartment is a haunted mess. This isn’t good for anyone but especially for someone like Ken who isn’t sleeping well and barely goes outside. He’s blocking out light and as things get odder, he starts to spiral out of control. Shudder delivers a ton of prime horror content so we are looking forward to checking Night’s End out. 

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