Nicolas Cage Is Ready for a DRACULA Movie

When news broke that Nicolas Cage would be playing Dracula in the upcoming Renfield movie, we were all very excited. After all, Cage is basically the perfect actor to portray the campy vampiric count. And when we finally saw Cage bring Dracula to life in Renfield‘s trailer, we were in love. But it turns out that Nicolas Cage’s take on the vampire doesn’t actually get too much screen time in the movie. It is called Renfield, after all. But luckily, Cage is ready for more. And we are too. Let’s just hope Hollywood agrees.

Nicolas Cage as Dracula from Renfield Trailer
Universal Pictures

Cage says of the role to Total Film, “You know, there are some minor moments here where you get to see some of the pathos in Dracula’s eyes. That made me think that maybe one day I might like to try for a whole movie where you’re really understanding the psyche of the character. I didn’t really have the time to delve into that here.”

And he also adds that he knew he would one day play the count, noting “I wanted to see if I could bring something fresh to the character. And I also kind of always knew I had to do it at some point.”  Listen, if it’s Cage’s calling, who are we to deny the pathos of Dracula a full cinematic outing?

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