TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Trailer Drips Blood and Vengeance

Bzzz, bzzzz, bzzzzz. No, we’re not talking about Yellowjackets once again. That sound is for a familiar horror weapon that a certain popular villain wields. You know, the guy who wears other people’s leathered skin over his own face. Yes, Leatherface is chainsaw massacring once again with another chilling installment to the decades-long franchise. This film is skipping theaters and heading straight to Netflix for fans to enjoy on February 18. And, if Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s trailer is any indication, there’s going to be plenty of gore and murder to fulfill a horror aficionado’s thirst for blood. 

This film marks the notable return of Sally Hardesty, the final girl and sole survivor of the original movie. Sadly, actress Marilyn Burns died in 2014, but Olwen Fouéré steps into this character’s shoes. There some parallels to be made between Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the new Halloween line of films in terms of eschewing previous continuity for a direct sequel to the originals. They both catch up with a white-haired and rightfully paranoid/isolated woman survivor years later as she faces the source of her trauma once again.

photo of Leatherface from Netflix's Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 trailer

And, we also get to know our new round of people being in a place that they shouldn’t be. In this case, a group of friends want to habilitate Harlow, Texas but instead walk straight into a nightmare. They run into Leatherface and have to team up with Hardesty to fight (and presumably die) in her quest to seek vengeance once and for all. Just leave ghost towns alone. 

The aesthetics and homages to the original film run deep in Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s trailer. And, with a little modern-day humor thrown into a bloody bus scene, this looks like a fun Friday night watch. Let’s see what this new installment adds to Leatherface’s story.

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