New STEVEN UNIVERSE RPG is Coming to the PS4 Later This Year

Steven Universe has a fervent fan base, and if there’s one thing the show’s creators know how to do, aside from produce high-quality television, it’s cater to their viewers. Steven Universe apparel lines the walls at Hot Topics the world over, and fans even got a highly-rated mobile game, Steven Universe: Attack The Light, in 2015. Now, the phone game is getting a sequel, but this time, it’s heading to consoles with a PlayStation 4 release ( via Engadget).

While Attack The Light was praised for its depth relative to other mobile titles, its antonym of a sequel, Save The Light, was “just too big a concept for mobile,” so developer Grumpyface Studios and publisher Cartoon Network decided to bring the experience to PS4. Everybody close to the game is tight-lipped about what the game will involve. If the first game is any indication, though, its sequel should include the same Paper Mario-style combination of real-time and turn-based RPG combat.Grumpyface’s Chris Graham shed more light on what we can expect from the game, saying that it’ll be accessible to non-fans of the franchise, while devotees will still learn a thing or two about the show’s universe. “This time around we’re featuring an updated battle system with fully customizable character selection, more emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving in 3D environments, and an all-new story from the brilliant [Steven Universe creator] Rebecca Sugar and her Steven Universe show team,” he said.

As far as plot, here’s what we know, via the Playstation Blog: “Save The Light begins when a mysterious warrior arrives in Beach City and steals a powerful weapon, and then it’s up to the Crystal Gems to embark on the magical mission to end all magical missions.”

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to see this game on shelves, but its ability to appeal to gamers with varying familiarity of the show sounds like good news. Save The Light looks colorful and bright and deep and fun, so absolutely count us in.

Featured image: Grumpyface Studios

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