New STAR WARS Hoodies and Hats From RSVLTS Are Strong in the Force

The folks at RSVLTS have a whole new collection of Star Wars wear, this time focusing on hoodies and hats celebrating our favorite galaxy far, far away. This particular collection has apparel that pays tribute to Boba Fett’s very first animated appearance back in 1978, Jedi warrior Ahsoka Tano, the Mandalorian, and even the dreaded Death Star itself. You can check out some highlights from the new Star Wars RSVLTS collection down below:

The latest Star Wars performance hoodies from RSVLTS for 2024.

“Summer Snips”

RSVLTS' new Ahsoka Tano themed hoodie, Summer Snips

Just like the character herself, there’s nothing subtle about this fresh and floral design inspired by Ahsoka Tano’s signature lekku stripes and otherworldly skin markings. No matter what time of year, this brightly colored hoodie allows you to bring a little bit of summer, and a whole lot of Ahsoka swagger, to any occasion. This performance hoodie will set you back $75.00.

Boba Fett’s Debut

RSVLTS' Boba Fett's Debut hoodie honors the bounty hunter's animated first appearance.

This colorful retro hoodie is an homage to the “Story of the Faithful Wookiee,” better known as the introduction to Boba Fett. This was originally part of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter was designed and animated for this short based off of footage from a Lucasfilm test shot. Catch Boba Fett flying around and battling a beast with his sniper rifle all over this soft and stretchy hoodie. This performance hoodie is also $75.00

Battle of Yavin

Battle of Yavin hoodie from RSVLTS honors the climactic fight from A New Hope.

From Rebel to Empire, it’s all the tech you could ever want from a galaxy far, far away. The stylistic cool of the ’70s meets the modern flair of the hoodie on this dark and colorful glimpse into the past. Covered in the heads-up display schematics, data, and radars that helped the pilots attack (or defend) the Death Star over Yavin IV, this hoodie is all about screens, screens, and more screens. Don’t stare too long, make sure to give those eyes a break. Like the others, this one costs $75.00.

There’s also a hoodie based on the Death Star, called “That’s No Moon,” and another honoring the Mandalorian, named “This is the Way.” There are also five new hats, in both “dad hat” and TLB (Tight Line Braid) styles. These are A New Hope, Tatooine Sunset, The Astromech, Far, Far Away, and Beep-Boop, a tribute to Artoo Deetoo. That one is also available in regular and sloped styles. You can check all these out in our gallery above. And to purchase these, be sure to head on over to RSVLTS’ official site.

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