Fill Your Home With Stackable Life-Size LEGO Furniture

Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own LEGO home? After all, so many of us have spent years engineering miniature LEGO creations. We can’t help but to dream bigger. But now, your childhood (or adult) dreams can come true with this new LEGO x Room Copenhagen collaboration. LEGO has joined forces with the Danish homeware design company to make life-size LEGOs a reality. And yes, you can actually stack these giant, classy building blocks, which we first saw on DesignTAXI.

Life-size LEGO stackable drawers and other homeware
LEGO/Room Copenhagen

In a word, this life-size LEGO homeware collection is incredibly cool. From drawers to picture frames to bookshelves, these pieces look uncannily like LEGOs. And the fact that they actually fit together really clinches it. Each of these giant LEGOs has been carefully crafted from wood. And this material harkens back to the earliest history of LEGOs. Although LEGOs are now made of colorful (and sometimes painful) pieces of plastic, their original material was wood. This means these very modern creations hide a fun nod to the history of the toy. The past meets the future.

Life-size LEGO stackable picture frames and other homeware
LEGO/Room Copenhagen

And, of course, every “brick” includes a set of LEGO’s iconic round knobs. And each one of the knobs comes printed with a little LEGO logo. So even if you don’t find it adorable (which we do), it certainly feels satisfying to look at.

So go wild, LEGO lovers, adorn your living room (even more fully) with the toys. LEGOs are 100% for adults now. And hey, you can even put your LEGOs inside of LEGOs… We call that LEGO-ception. The only thing we need now? A LEGO house to fill with LEGO furniture that holds LEGO toys. And then… a LEGO planet! Okay, we’ll quit while we’re ahead.

Life-size LEGO stackable book racks and other homeware
LEGO/Room Copenhagen
LEGO life size hangers
LEGO/Room Copenhagen

These life-size LEGO pieces are now available for purchase. For now, they come in two different colors of wood. Maybe if they sell well, we can get bright red next.  We certainly wouldn’t mind a whole set of these.

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