LEGO Baby Groot Dances Into Action

“I am Groot,” sounds an awful lot like “I am cute.” And this new LEGO Groot certainly is. It feels fair to say that Groot often steals the show when he’s in an MCU movie. And that’s especially true in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes dancing into the scene. Honestly, who can resist baby Groot? He gives even Baby Yoda a run for his money in the cuteness department. So it’s no wonder, Baby Groot is getting the LEGO treatment. And the best part of all, it really looks like he can dance.

LEGO Baby Groot dancing

LEGO’s official description reads:

Every fan of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will know the famous scene where Baby Groot dances. Now kids can recreate this scene and others with this detailed, movable recreation of the lovable and mischievous toddler. The buildable model is easy to position and pose, and there’s even a pretend cassette tape included for make-believe music! In addition, the free LEGO Building Instructions app lets kids view, zoom and rotate the model as they build, providing an amazing sense of immersion and interaction during the construction process.
LEGO Baby Groot waving hello

Although it sounds like LEGO Baby Groot is being marketed for kids, we feel pretty sure that many adults will want to add him to their collection as well. After all, while you can pose this Baby Groot to look like he’s dancing, he’s begging for an upgrade.

We feel confident many of our favorite nerdy robotics experts could engineer this LEGO Groot to actually dance around if they tried. And what a great addition to the build that would be.

For now, we can reminisce about Baby Groot’s dance moves and wait for this new set to go on sale. You can pre-order LEGO Baby Groot today. Groots will start to ship beginning on August 1.

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