New HARLEY QUINN Featurette Promises Unadulterated Fun

DC Universe’s upcoming adult animated series Harley Quinn is bringing this fan-favorite back in all her eccentric glory as she establishes herself as Gotham’s Queenpin of Crime. The fearlessly blunt and comedic series features a stacked cast, including The Big Bang Theory alum and executive producer Kaley Cuoco stars in the titular role alongside fellow comedic actors Alan Tudyk (Joker), Lake Bell (Poison Ivy), Diedrich Bader (Bruce Wayne), Jim Rash (Riddler), and Ron Funches (King Shark).

Harley Quinn’s extended sneak peek combines several first-look clips and teasers from the cast promising that this show will be “completely out of control.” It’s a fun look into the cast’s personalities, complete with Tudyk’s version of the Joker cackle. Executive producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker reveal details about Harley’s arc and how classic DC heroes and villains will be seen from a fresh perspective.

What are these characters like when they aren’t foiling each other’s plans? What is Harley’s ultimate game plan? The series is set to answer those questions and more as it follows Harley as she strives to be more than just Joker’s girlfriend and continue to wreak havoc in Gotham. Fans can expect high-energy fight scenes, bloody violence, campy humor, and a wild ride in Harley’s bizarre world as she teams up with Poison Ivy for epic misadventures.

This series is basically a declaration of independence for the twisted doctor turned antagonist that gives Harley Quinn a chance to become a force in her own right. It’s going to be rude, fun, entertaining, and absolutely awesome. Harley Quinn is expected to air on DC Universe sometime in October 2019, so get ready for Harley to take things completely off the rails really soon.

Image: DC Universe

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