GODZILLA Roars to Life in New Limited-Edition Mondo Prints

It’s not exactly a boon to have Godzilla show up in your city. Even when he’s fighting on the side of good there’s always a whole lot of collateral damage. However, there are two places we always love to see our favorite sea monster. One is on the big screen. The other is when he arrives in our home with some great new merchandise. And now the iconic kaiju can adorn your home’s walls—without destroying them—in style, thanks to Mondo’s new Godzilla prints celebrating classic films in the franchise. Two versions of the print release in April and third is set for later in the year.

Godzilla fights Biollante in a colorful print from Mondo

At noon ET on April 7, Mondo will have two new Godzilla prints for sale at The Drop. The first celebrates director Kazuki Ōmori’s 1989 film “Godzilla vs. Biollante.” Artist Tom Whalen’s colorful piece features Godzilla in battle with the memorable foe. The piece captures Biollante’s unique makeup, which includes plant DNA, Godzilla chromosomes, and cells from the dead daughter of Biollante’s grief-stricken creator.

There will initially be two versions available. The more colorful original ($55) measures 36 x 24-inches and features nine metallic inks. It’s limited to just 275 prints and we doubt it will last long. Neither will the English red-themed version ($75). It comes in at the same size, but will only have 150 copies for sale. If you miss either or want to collect them all, Mondo says it will release “a special third version” of the print later this year.

Godzilla fights Biollante in a colorful English variant print from Mondo

But you don’t have to wait to grab their second original new Godzilla print. Mondo is continuing what it calls its line of “titanic exploration of Godzilla’s Showa Era” with another work from artist Attack Peter. The 20 x 30-inch, single-color linocut print comes on Lokta paper. It pays homage to the 1955 movie Godzilla Raids Again. Only 120 prints will be available ($100). Each comes signed and numbered by Attack Peter himself.

Godzilla fights a monster in a black-and-white print from Mondo

We never want to see Godzilla show up in our city unless it’s on a screen or poster. But with the limited number of copies these prints will have we’ll still have to be on high alert if we hang one up. We’re not the only ones who love Godzilla. And we’ll definitely keep on the look out for the third print coming later in the year.

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