New FORCE FOR CHANGE Campaign Offers Amazing Prizes for STAR WARS’ 40th Anniversary

Star Wars might officially turn 40 years old this year, but dang does this franchise look good—it hasn’t aged so much as a parsec! (Yes, parsecs are actually a unit of distance and not time. That’s the joke. We have fun here.) And what better way to mark the occasion than by giving back, both to the fans and to people in need?

To celebrate four decades of amazing Star Wars adventures, Force for Change is collaborating once again with Omaze to raise money for UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Remember how when Force Awakens was still filming, director J.J. Abrams offered contestants  the chance to appear in the film? Yeah, that’s nothing compared to all the new prizes, courtesy of Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley:

“For 40 years, you’ve been the best fans in the world, bringing the franchise to life in ways we never could have imagined, and now it’s our chance to celebrate you,” Mark Hamill said. Aw, dude, thank you! That’s so sweet!Speaking of sweet, so are those “Star Wars experiences” the campaign is offering. For the next few weeks, from April 11 to May 11, fans will be able to enter at Omaze’s website to win an overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch, a cameo in the Han Solo movie, or tickets to the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi — and the the grand prize is getting a chance to experience all three.

Best of all, the money spent sweepstakes tickets goes to benefit children around the world. Since that partnership with UNICEF, Force for Change has raised more than $9 million to date and saved upwards of 30,000 kids from severe acute malnutrition. Now that they’ve also partnered with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, your donation will also go to programs that bring hope to young hospital patients all over the United States. Honestly, getting the chance to maybe hang out with Mark and Daisy at the World Premiere is just an awesome cherry on top when you think about all the good you could be doing by entering at

So, how about it, gang? Which prize would you want to win the most (other than the grand prize, of course)? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Force for Change

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