NO WAY HOME Director Resurrecting FINAL DESTINATION Series

Leading a box office global phenomenon results in a whole lot of opportunities. Studios love hiring people who have already shown they can bring home the big bucks with a critical darling. But when you do that for the world’s most popular cinematic universe, with a movie that combines three different big screen series, you can basically do whatever you want next. And Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts has decided he wants to use his massive success to resurrect the Final Destination franchise.

The five main characters in a poster for Final Destination
Warner Bros.

Variety reports No Way Home‘s director will revive the horror franchise that made Death itself the most dangerous villain. Watts will produce New Line Cinema’s next installment of the franchise, Final Destination 6. Watts’ partner and wife Dianne McGunigle will also serve as a producer on the film. As will Final Destination alums Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor. The script will come from Wicked Wicked Games‘ Lori Evans Taylor and Scream‘s Guy Busick. Variety says they will work from a treatment written by Watts, who says he and his wife are “massive fans” of the franchise.

While 2011’s Final Destination 5 served as perfect end point for the franchise, fans know you can’t keep Death at bay forever. (Or even for an entire film.) What you can do though is send Death to HBO Max. That’s where the new installment will debut.

While there’s no information about the film’s plot, the title indicates it will be a continuation and not a reboot. Which means there will be no excuse not to bring back Tony Todd. You hear us, New Line Cinema? No excuse! Fill out the blank check right now and mail it to him today.

Wait, what are we worried about? Jon Watts can do anything he wants right now. And if he loves Final Destination enough to resurrect it, he’ll want to bring back Tony Todd too.

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