‘JAWN of the Dead’ Craft Beer Honors George A. Romero’s Zombie Classics

Halloween season is upon us. So it’ll soon be time to kick back on the couch and watch some classic horror movies. Preferably with your favorite frosty alcoholic beverage. Well, now you can have a beer that actually fits the spooky season perfectly with a zombie reference. Via Bloody Disgusting, we’ve learned that the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, from Neshaminy Creek, Pennsylvania, is joining forces with the  George A. Romero Foundation for their latest brew, JAWN of the Dead. A tasty way to honor Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead.

JAWN of the Dead beer cans.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

For all of you non-Pennsylvanians out there, “ jawn” is local slang from the region. It’s used to refer to a thing, place, person, or event that cannot give a specific name to. And we thought Shaun of the Dead would be the last play on words in regards to Dawn of the Dead. That title is just the gift that keeps on giving! You can read the official description for the new JAWN of the Dead beer below:

Neshaminy Creek has created a 6.5% ABV Red Rye IPA, resurrecting the forgotten style. With 20% rye malt, this variation on the year-round JAWN American Pale Ale is teeming with Apollo, Ekuanot, Mosaic, and Nuggets hops. JAWN of the Dead’s icy, undead body is bready and toasty with a spicy bite that accentuates a pronounced bitterness. There is no escape from the notes of pine, berries, and grilled tangerine. JAWN of the Dead will be available on tap and in cans at all three Neshaminy Creek Taprooms on September 9 with distribution throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The collaboration beer will serve as a fundraiser for the George A. Romero Foundation with 10% of the proceeds going towards the foundation’s efforts.
JAWN of the Dead release party promotional ad.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

To celebrate the release of this zombie beer, Neshaminy Creek will host a screening of Night of the Living Dead. This will take place at its Croydon taproom and brewery. They are encouraging guests to arrive in “their best zombie attire and makeup” to compete for a variety of prizes. If you’re a zombie lover, especially a Romero zombie fan, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

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