New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer Finally Brings the Team Back Together

We don’t know who’s emotionally prepared for Avengers: Endgame, but the newest trailer for the film definitely proves the answer is “not us.”

It’s almost here, the endgame to a story that began 11 years ago when Tony Stark was abducted in the desert. And that’s just where the latest trailer for the Avengers next move starts, as it reminds fans of the difficult journey Earth’s mightiest heroes have endured to this point. But this new promo is not just a stroll through old memories; the trailer offers us new footage to obsess over too, including the survivors regrouping with their newest team members. And with the all new, very futuristic suits they are wearing, this trailer might also have confirmed that we won’t just have to remember the past—we’ll be visiting it.

Quick note: please don’t break the internet today shippin’ Thor and Captain Marvel. They have half the universe to save first, please and thank you.

As for the rest of this trailer, the flashbacks to the Avengers’ pasts certainly feels like way more than just a nostalgic nod to where they came from. We’ve long suspected that a major part of their plan to undo Thanos’ Snap will involve going back in time, and seeing them stroll through the hangar at Avengers HQ in those space-age suits has us feeling pretty good about that prediction. Though not as good as we feel about finally seeing Tony Stark back on Earth!

Most of this trailer doesn’t feel good, though, as we see all of the survivors absolutely crushed by what they went through, especially Hawkeye. That shot of him watching his daughter fire and arrow feels like it could be a flashback to the moment the Snap happened and he watched his wife and kids disappear.

New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer Finally Brings the Team Back Together_2

And if we’re this emotional over him and Natasha holding hands, we’re definitely not ready for what this film is going to do to us.

Images: Marvel


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