Neural Network Merges Dinosaurs with Flowers, Fruit, and Other Lovely Things

Neural networks can play Super Mario World, draw terrifying almost realistic cats, and name some outrageous paint colors. As the learning computers continue to take over the world, they’ve got a real chokehold on the art world, as is evidenced by their latest aesthetically pleasing achievement: artist Chris Rodley has created a neural network that is capable of taking illustrations of dinosaurs and giving them flowery redesigns ( via Sploid).

His work-in-progress deep learning algorithm was able to merge a book of dinosaur drawings with a book of flower illustrations, and the results are pretty seamless (and pretty). The resulting images really look like this is how they were meant to be, like the original illustrator took some real artistic liberties and gave a T. rex flowery skin.He also gave the computer a go with dinosaurs and fruit, and what came of that is the most vegan-friendly group of prehistoric giants that you can imagine:

Rodley’s Twitter blew up after he posted the dinosaur/flower illustrations, so he’ll soon be offering prints of his creations on his website. You can also try out the neural network he used to create these images here, so give that a go and let us know on Twitter if you come up with anything as noteworthy and neat as the images above.

Featured image: Chris Rodley/Twitter

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