A WEDNESDAY Spinoff Series About Uncle Fester Is Reportedly in Development

Wednesday’s favorite family member might be getting his own slate of adventures soon. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is reportedly developing a Wednesday spinoff TV series built around Uncle Fester. The streaming service apparently has plans to capitalize on the success of Wednesday with other shows in that universe, much like the company is already planning for Stranger Things

a photo of uncle fester wearing all black in wednesday addams tv show
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Uncle Fester made a brief yet wonderfully memorable appearance on Wednesday to fans’ delight. There’s a lot to explore with this mischievous, strange, and highly adventurous character, played by Fred Armisen in the series. He’s basically a criminal mastermind who can shoot lightning from his fingers and certainly does not travel incognito. Oh, and he’s also on the run for armed robbery.

Wednesday gave us so many fun crumbs that an Uncle Fester spinoff show could build on. The series would presumably feature Armisen’s version of the character but there’s always a chance for flashbacks. We want to know what happened during his stint at the Zurich Institute for the Criminally Insane in 1983. Or maybe we can see what went down during his five year imprisonment at a Tibetan monastery. This guy is truly living the wildest life.

Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams stand next to each other in a hallway
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Right now, there are no further details about the Uncle Fester Wednesday spinoff television show. It takes a lot to bring an idea to fruition, after all. There are many contracts to secure before a writers’ room could come together and craft storylines. Even if we don’t get Uncle Fester in his own series, perhaps we will see him again in Wednesday season two. Maybe we will even meet more Addams family members. Wednesday will start filming its next season in April 2024, so it will be a while before we are back at Nevermore Academy again.

Fingers crossed that Uncle Fester will get his time to shine in his own TV spinoff series in the future.

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