Which Addams Family Member Could Appear in WEDNESDAY Season 2?

Netflix’s TUDUM event gave fans a ton of reveals about exciting new shows and films as well as returning series. One of the latter is Wednesday, which will return for a second season. A TUDUM clip featured actors Jenna Ortega, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, and Joy Sunday digging into some pretty interesting fan theories. Of course, they were very mum about what will happen in the show’s next season. But we did get one bit of confirmation. The upcoming season will introduce another Addams family member! This leaves us wondering which Addams family member will appear in Wednesday season two. 

Cousin Itt or Grandmama Could Join Wednesday Season Two

Jenna Ortega wants to see Cousin Itt, while the rest of her castmates would like to see Grandmama in Wednesday. In the original TV series, Grandmama was Gomez’s mother, a change from the comic strip and feature films where the character (then called Grandma Frump) was Morticia’s mother. And, of course, Cousin Itt is the hairy relative of Gomez. Outside of Wednesday seeing a photo of Cousin Itt’s ancestor (that could possibly be Itt) at Nevermore Academy, we don’t get a lot of information about other Addams family members in this universe. This makes sense considering the series heavily focuses on Wednesday’s life. We do meet Uncle Fester—Gomez’s brother—as well as a distant ancestor named Goody Addams, but that’s about it. Cousin Itt and Grandmama are both famous family members who could make an appearance, but there are others we’d love to see. 

Granny Frump May Make an Appearance

Granny Frump is Morticia’s mother. Again, it is not clear what’s going on with the family tree in Wednesday. But if Granny Frump is still around, then Wednesday could lean on her in season two. It would make sense considering we have yet to meet a member of Morticia’s family and know little about the Frump side of the family. Morticia is a mysterious woman of many secrets, and maybe Granny Frump holds some answers. 

Wednesday Addams stands with thing on her shoulder in tv show powers

Perhaps Ophelia Frump Will Join Wednesday‘s Second Season

Speaking of Morticia’s family, her sister Ophelia could also appear in Wednesday season two, but the chances seem slim. She’s the bubbly sibling who looks like Morticia with blonde hair. The series could easily remix her character and toss her into Wednesday’s life in some way. If so, they would have to change her name and storyline. In the original TV series, Ophelia was originally going to marry Gomez, but that’s not the case on Wednesday because Morticia is dating him at Nevermore.

In season one, Wednesday stays in Ophelia Hall, and she mentions that the dormitory’s namesake is the Hamlet character. If it were named after her aunt or shared a name with her, surely that would have come up. Plus, Ophelia likely wouldn’t have gone to Nevermore Academy because, despite her power of growing plants out of her head, she tended to lean more towards being “normal” than Morticia. It is not impossible for Ophelia Frump to join Wednesday, but it would take some work to toss her into the picture.

Will Wednesday Season 2 Give Us a Brand-New Addams Family Member? 

split image of granny frump, ophelia frump, and cousin itt addams family members could appear on wednesday series
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It is possible. It doesn’t seem that Morticia and Gomez will have any more kids, so the chances of seeing Pubert Addams doesn’t make sense. Plus, a new baby wouldn’t add anything to the storyline. The show could create a new paternal relative to bring into Wednesday’s life, although that isn’t quite as interesting as exploring the Frump family. Morticia is psychic and hinted that others in her family came to Nevermore Academy, so adding one of them to the cast would be brilliant. Wednesday did inherit her powers from her mother, after all. 

Wednesday season two will take a while to get here considering that the show isn’t in the full swing of filming yet. Until then, we can only patiently wait (and speculate) about who will show up in the next round.

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