Netflix Gives Us Eddie Corn Art Instead of Eddie Alive in STRANGER THINGS 5

There seems to be a trend in the buzz that’s building after Stranger Things 4. It’s really all about Eddie Munson. First, there was outrage over Eddie’s death. Then Metallica decided to duet Eddie in a super viral TikTok. And now, we get… Stranger Things corn art of Eddie that stretches out over an acre. Well, Eddie Munson certainly deserves all of this, and we’re glad to see it. But what Eddie really deserves is to be alive in Stranger Things 5. If someone is going to go through the trouble to stretch his face out over one acre of corn, in a very impressive feat of fanart, to be sure, we feel like Eddie Munson deserves a Stranger Things resurrection.

But in the meanwhile, we guess we will continue to mourn Eddie’s Stranger Things 4 death. This time, with corn.

According to Netflix, this “1-Acre Eddie Munson Corn Art by Stan Herd” is located “somewhere in Indiana.” But hopefully not above any gates to the Upside Down. The corn art of Eddie is truly very impressive. It captures his Hellfire Club T-shirt and one of his best faces from the show. One of many. And it reminds us “Eddie 4-Ever.” Which we have to agree with. Eddie will always be alive in our hearts, no matter what Stranger Things has to say about it.

Impressive Eddie Munson corn art does not make up for Eddie being dead, we want Eddie alive in Stranger Things 5

Eddie Munson’s Stranger Things 4 death hit many people hard. And not only because he was beloved, but because it really felt like he deserved more. There’s even been a very intensely supported petition going around the internet hoping to help Eddie return to the show. And ever since he died at the end of Stranger Things 4, there’s been theories floating around about how Eddie could return for Stranger Things 5 alive, up to and including becoming a Demo-Vampire or Kas, the Destroyer.

Eddie making a weird face in Stranger Things 4

Personally, we’d like to see Eddie come back alive as just Eddie, but maybe he can come back in some kind of corn-form instead. Netflix seems to approve of that.

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