Animated MINECRAFT Series Coming to Netflix

Netflix has decided on the building blocks of its next animated show: blocks. The streamer has announced it’s going to play with Mojang Studios in the world’s most successful sandbox video game to bring fans an original Minecraft series. You can take a look at a teaser for this new Netflix Minecraft series below.

The announcement video for Netflix’s Minecraft series is brief, but it’s all the streaming site needs to start building excitement. The animated show (which is different from the previously announced live-action movie) will bring to life the best-selling video game of all time.

While we don’t know much about the Minecraft animated series just yet, we trust Mojang Studios. It wouldn’t be onboard if it didn’t believe Netflix could help deliver the kind of show its loyal customers will want to see.

A fgreen Minecraft figure against a black screen for Netflix's animated series

The fact this news also dropped on the game’s fifteenth anniversary is another sign of how important it is to the studio. But now the real Minecraft series fun starts: putting it together.

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