A Sweet Adventure From Nerds x DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Arrives

It’s such a natural collaboration, you almost have to wonder why it hasn’t happened until now! Dungeons & Dragons and Nerds candy have formed an adventuring party that we can’t wait to join.

Coming in September, you’ll be able to find the D&D-themed candy in a grocery store near you. And, there’s more to discover when you collect and download special Nerds adventures and character sheets—for free. Sweet!

Nerds candy joins the D&D party

Wizards of the Coast

Revealed today at D&D Live, the official partnership between Nerds and Wizards of the Coast isn’t noteworthy just because the two make a perfect pair. Your purchase will unlock special adventures made for one player and one Dungeon Master that you can download from the D&D website.

Each adventure comes with a pre-generated character sheet. Every Nerd starts at their own level 1 character and class, for a total of six whimsical characters and six family-friendly adventures. If you collect all six, you’ll unlock the seventh adventure for a full party of level 3 characters!

The seven adventures are written by game designer Kat Kruger. The story begins in the city of Harmony, which has been experiencing a strange case of “color outages.” What could be causing this strange phenomenon? And will the party be able to solve the mystery in time? These one-on-one adventures are ideal for a grown-up and child to play through their first D&D story together. All puns aside, it really is a sweet idea that we can’t wait to check out ourselves.

Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons candy will be available this fall wherever Nerds are sold.

Kelly Knox is a freelance entertainment writer in Seattle, WA who writes for Star Wars, DC Comics, and more. Her book  Marvel Monsters is out now from DK Books. Follow her on  Twitter for bad puns, pop culture coverage, and more.

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