Here’s Why Captain America Went Full-Hydra

There are massive spoilers ahead for Captain America: Steve Rogers #2. If you somehow managed to miss  the twist from the first issue, we’re gonna talk about that at length in today’s episode of  Nerdist News. You’ve been warned!

Last month, Marvel released the first issue of a new  Captain America series that put  Steve Rogers back in the title role with a new costume. But it was Cap’s new motivation that really drew the anger of comic book fans when he seemingly murdered his sidekick, Jack Flag and uttered the following two words: “Hail Hydra.”

At the time, Marvel played off the twist as if Cap had been a Hydra sleeper agent since he was a child. While the flashbacks in the first issue supported that interpretation, Marvel editor-in-chief  Axel Alonso has revealed the truth about the twist in a new interview with  Comic Book. It turns out that Cap isn’t a Hydra agent; he only thinks he is because his memories have been tampered with by Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube that turned into a little girl during the Avengers: Standoffcrossover—a theory that we touched upon in  a recent episode of Nerdist News. And of course, it was at the behest of Cap’s mortal enemy, the Red Skull.

“Captain America, one of the most trusted superheroes in the Marvel universe, is not exactly who you think he is,” explained Alonso. “He is operating with a different and sinister intent now and every interaction that we see from here on in will be shaded by that. That’s a story that Nick [Spencer] wanted to tell, and that’s a story that’s going to be fascinating for the next two months and a story that’s going to build to big, big things within the Marvel universe as well.”

Of course, by revealing that Cap is under the influence of an enemy, it gives Marvel the natural way to reverse the changes to Steve Rogers’ character down the line. But it remains to be seen if some aspects stay with Cap, including the apparent murder of Jack Flag.

You can read Alonso’s complete interview  here, which also has a few preview pages from Captain America: Steve Rogers #2. That issue will be released tomorrow, June 29, in comic stores everywhere.

Knowing what we know now, does this change your opinion about the Hydra Cap twist? Hail Hydra, and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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