Nebula Announces Patrick Willems’ STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL Special

The internet is chock-full of video essay channels, but not all of them can say they had multiple in-universe continuities culminating in a feature film about an evil sentient coconut named Charl. That honor falls on Patrick (H) Willems alone. His videos—film analysis and media criticism—have a full roster of side characters and cameos in between points about Michael Bay or why Batman movies are afraid of Robin. He’s also famously done with talking about Star Wars and hasn’t since pre-pandemic… but that’s about to change.

Streaming service Nebula, the home of thoughtful creators unbeholden to YouTube’s tyranny, has today released the trailer for Patrick (H) Willems’ Star Wars Holiday Special special. With a festive set and many appearances from channel regulars, it hearkens back to the old TV holiday specials of yore. Take a look!

Patrick’s parents are frequent guests in his videos and they are a gosh darn delight, I have to say. Now you might wonder why and how Patrick decided this would be the time, and the topic, to break his Star Wars fast. He told Nerdist it started as a joke proposed by Nebula CEO Dave Wiskus but quickly grew into something more.

As I started thinking on it, I realized I actually DID have something new to say about the space wizards franchise. I decided that with Nebula’s backing, this was an opportunity to try something really unexpected and new: to make something that’s half-video essay, half-throwback-1960s-style Christmas special complete with musical numbers, a big set, and special guests stopping by. And, it seemed only natural that those guests end up making me discuss the past, present, and future…but, not of Christmas. Of Star Wars.

It felt like the perfect time to get together with my friends and collaborate on a big, weird project about movies and Christmas. And if nothing else, I can confidently say it’s the best Star Wars holiday special ever made.

The key art for Patrick Willems Holiday Special apes the logo for Star Wars.

The Patrick Willems Star Wars Holiday Special will premiere exclusively on Nebula December 18. Currently you can get a lifetime membership to Nebula for only $300. I have Nebula; it’s great, I watch it all the time. And it’s ad-free. Including this recommendation which is also not an ad. It’s just good stuff. Anyway. For more information, check out Nebula.TV.

Kyle Anderson is the Senior Editor for Nerdist. He hosts the weekly pop culture deep-dive podcast Laser Focus. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Instagram and Letterboxd.

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