The National Zoo’s Pandas Are Having a Snow Day

Going outside for a walk has been one of my few respites from quarantine. That and driving on the highway with my windows down. But since I live in New England, neither of those are great options in the middle of winter. And not just because of the cold and ice. It’s because I hate snow. Or at least I do when it means clearing a foot of snow off my car. Turns out that even though I’m stuck indoors and loathe the white stuff, I can still get genuine enjoyment out of the first major winter storm of 2021, all from my own home. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute has shared a truly delightful video of its giant pandas frolicking in the snow. And it warms even my cold, winter-hating heart.

The East Coast is currently dealing with a real dose of winter. Only this year all the worst parts of the season are magnified by the ongoing pandemic. But that’s also why this video from Washington D.C. of giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian enjoying the newly fallen snow feels so good. The pair has responded to the storm by sliding down hills and doing flips and somersaults. The National Zoo accurately describes their exploits as “pure panda joy.”

And watching pandas roll down a hill, head first on their back, definitely qualifies as “joy.” Not just for these adorable animals though. Things are hard enough, for everyone everywhere, right now without having to go out into the cold to shovel. All so you can then go nowhere anyway.

National Zoo's Pandas Enjoy the Year's First Snowfall_1

But as much as I hate snow, I can’t hate these giant pandas enjoying it. So I’m going to be watching the zoo’s panda webcam. It’s nice that at least one good thing came out of this storm.

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