A Man Dressed as FROZEN’s Elsa Helps Free Police Van Stuck in Snow

If you haven’t been to Boston this winter, it currently looks like Arendelle after Elsa unleashed her chilly powers in Frozen.

In fact, a large swath of southern New England was pounded by a blizzard that dropped over 14 inches of snow on Tuesday. With snow piling up on the streets, drivers found their vehicles imperiled. When a Boston police wagon got waylaid and stuck in the drifts, a man dressed as Elsa came to the rescue and single-handedly pushed and guided the van to safer ground. I am not making this up.

Christopher Haynes caught the you’re-never-going-to-see-anything-like-this-again event on video, shared on Twitter by Sarah McGonagall:

And yes, Elsa has been identified as Jason Triplett. He told The Boston Globe he wore the Elsa costume on Tuesday “to give his friends a laugh.” When the group saw a police wagon get stuck outside the bar where they were spending the evening, Triplett jumped into action. He really committed to the assist, and since no one came out to help until the very end, he freed the wagon on his own. The entire feat is incredible, but the curtsy at the end is the best. The cold never bothered him anyway.

How would you react if you witnessed this scenario? Would you stay inside and film, or would you lend a helping hand? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Disney, Christopher Haynes

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