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NATIONAL TREASURE 3 Script in the Works, Says Jerry Bruckheimer⁠—Nicolas Cage to Review

Sometimes, the most exciting news is the kind dropped the most casually. In a conversation with about Top Gun Maverick, iconic producer Jerry Bruckheimer seemingly revealed a piece of information many fans have been eager for, for a long time. A National Treasure 3 movie is back in the works. And it sounds like Nicolas Cage will actually be involved in this rendition. Of course, it sounds like it’s early days for the script and movie, but if we actually get National Treasure 3 with Cage involved, that would be mindblowing.

Abigail, Ben, and Riley in National Treasure. Could Nicolas Cage return for National Treasure 3?

Jerry Bruckheimer notes that he’s “working on another National Treasure” as one of three big things on his plate right now. When asked if Nicolas Cage would return for National Treasure 3, he offers, “Let’s hope. We’re working on a script right now, hopefully he likes it. But I think it’s really good, so hopefully, we’ll get it to him shortly.”

There’s been a lot of conversation around Nicolas Cage and National Treasure recently. Nicolas Cage, of course, starred in movies such as Pig and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. During the press tours for these movies, he talked a lot about his career. And, in all honesty, Cage’s interviews did not make it seem like National Treasure 3 was on the table. He even noted in April that there would “probably not” be another movie.

National Treasure Edge of History

The National Treasure franchise, meanwhile, will yield a Disney+ TV series in the near future. National Treasure: Edge of History does not yet have a release date, but it will see two actors from the original franchise. Harvey Keitel returns as Peter Sadusky, and Justin Bartha returns as Riley Poole. While the creators of this National Treasure series have indicated they would love for Nicolas Cage to come onboard, he does not seem involved.

All this to say, people have hoped for a National Treasure 3 movie starring Nicolas Cage since National Treasure 2 aired. And while it seems like the movie has had many false starts before, maybe it is finally on its way. We hope Nicolas Cage likes what he sees when reads the National Treasure 3 script.

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