Disney+’s NATIONAL TREASURE Series Reveals Its New Adventures

For many years, fans have been cheering on the idea of more movies for the National Treasure franchise. And even though Nicolas Cage won’t be dusting off his flashlight, torch, or other adventure gear, we are getting more from National Treasure. We’ve known for a while that the upcoming Disney+ series, titled National Treasure: Edge of History, would be a ten-episode “expansion of the hit film franchise.” And that it would star Lisette Alexis as Jess, a 20-year-old DREAMer (a person who entered the US as part of the DREAM Act) who sets off on an adventure to uncover her family’s history. And, of course, to find some treasure. This time, everyone will search for a lost Pan-American treasure.

And now, we have our first glimpse of the series in action, courtesy of the National Treasure: Edge of History‘s San Diego Comic-Con Panel. This National Treasure tease doesn’t reveal much, but it sets the mood for the series to come.

In the teaser, we see star Lisette Olivera get ready for action. Looks like we have maps, clues, and a whole lot of sleuthing in store as a part of this adventure show.

Disney+'s NATIONAL TREASURE Series Reveals Its New Adventures_1

A behind-the-scenes featurette also gives us another taste of what we can expect from the National Treasure spinoff series.

National Treasure: Edge of History stars Lisette Olivera, Jake Austin Walker, Antonio Cipriano, Jordan Rodrigues, Zuri Reed, and Lyndon Smith. Additionally, Catherine Zeta-Jones will appear in the show playing “a badass billionaire, black-market antiquities expert, and treasure hunter who lives by her own code.” A role which we very much look forward to seeing come to life. Additionally, much to fans’ excitement, Justin Bartha will reprise his role as Riley Poole from the movies. We can’t wait to see in what capacity he’ll appear on the show. Finally, it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Harvey Keitel, who played Peter Sadusky in the original National Treasure outings, “will join the series as a guest star in the same role.”

The core cast of the upcoming Disney+ series National Treasure

We’re excited to see Bartha and Keitel reprise their roles. Though it seems like Nicolas Cage has no involvement with this National Treasure series, we can’t help but also hope maybe Benjamin Franklin Gates has one last trick up his sleeve. That would really be something.

National Treasure: Edge of History will stream on Disney+. According to the streamer, it’s slated to release “soon.”

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