Creative Grandparents Make an IRL TOTORO Bus Stop

No matter your age, My Neighbor Totoro is probably one of your favorite movies. Enchanting, heartwarming, and just plain beautiful, Totoro is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most beloved works. A creative couple in Takaharu, Japan wanted to bring that magic to life in the real world (via My Modern Met). So they created the immediately recognizable Totoro bus stop for their grandchildren. The life-sized construction quickly turned into a local tourist attraction.

We don’t know about you, but we want to go there immediately, even if it’s raining. Especially if it’s raining.

My Neighbor Totoro bus stop

Studio Ghibli

Wood, bricks, and cement might not sound like a magical mixture, but in the hands of an experienced plasterer, they transformed into a (weatherproof) real-life Totoro.

Takaharu is in the Miyazaki Prefecture in the south of Japan on the island of Kyushu. The doting grandparents re-created the bus stop for their children and grandchildren. And then they decided to open it to the sightseeing public. Take a look at their progress to see Totoro take shape from a large, wooden barrel-like frame to a painted masterpiece in this town blog.

A local guesthouse just steps away from the statue has been chronicling visitors from around the world as the bus stop grows in popularity. No matter where they’re from, every visitor has a look of joy on their face as they stand next to the giant statue. Totoro might be made from cold concrete but no one can resist a quick cuddle.

Just when you think this couldn’t possibly be cuter, there’s also an acorn vending machine at the Totoro bus stop. For just 100 yen you’ll get a (possibly magic, who can say) acorn and a good luck fortune.

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最近、設置したどんぐりおみくじ(1回100円)を沢山の来訪者に引いてもらっていますが、ここの収益は必要経費を除きみんなの為になるように使わせてもらっています。 今回、先月分おみくじの売上金の一部6,000円と私個人の4,000円、合わせて1万円を寄付させていただきました。 災害地に行って励ますことは出来ませんが、痛みを少しでも分かち合えることは出来るかもしれません。一日も早い再建ができます様にお祈りいたします。 令和元年台風19号緊急災害支援募金Yahoo!ネット募金 (Yahoo!ネット募金なら、Tポイントを使って1ポイントから寄付できます。) #高原町 #湯之元 #高原町のトトロ #湯之元の隠れ家 #guesthouseNAGATA #yunomoto #宮崎県 #宮崎観光 #トトロ #龍貓公車亭 #マナーは守って #夜間立入禁止 #どんぐりおみくじ 18週間前

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If you want to book your next relaxing getaway to visit the beloved Ghibli icon, take a look at the local guesthouse website and grab your red umbrella now!

Featured Image: Studio Ghibli

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