My Chemical Romance Releases First New Song in Eight Years

Our emo hearts are soaring (moodily) right now. After eight years, My Chemical Romance is back with a new song and it is everything we’ve been waiting for. The band dropped “The Foundations of Decay” on May 12. You can listen to the six-minute song—and a stunning visualization—right here.

The song captures every bit of the group’s classic sound. There’s the slow build into an angsty, fiery burst of energy. “The Foundations of Decay” is the group’s first new track since 2014’s “Fake Your Death.” That song released instead as part of May Death Never Stop You, a My Chemical Romance greatest hits album. The group split just ahead of the greatest hits album, which released in lieu of their fifth album. Luckily the group reunited in the late 2010s. They even planned a 2020 tour across North America and Europe. But that was, of course, pushed back to 2022. According to CNN, Doug McKean, MCR frontman Gerard Way and guitarist Ray Toro produced the track. McKean worked with the group as an engineer throughout the 2000s.

My Chemical Romance performs in the Welcome to the Black Parade music video
My Chemical Romance

Now, with this new music, the beloved emo rock group is back in full swing. And we are grateful. Of course, here at Nerdist, we’ve been listening to a lot of MCR. (To be quite honest, we never really stopped.) While Nirvana specifically influenced The Batman‘s moody energy, everything about the movie and its marketing hit the emo sweet spot quite well. So much so, we couldn’t help but come up with a little Batman-inspired playlist of our own—of course featuring some classic MCR tracks.

While the band has officially announced their fifth studio album is on the way, this new song has us hopeful. Maybe they’ll release another new track to go along with Umbrella Academy season three this summer? One can only hope!

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