Musician Turns Iconic Movie Music Into Rocking Metal Covers

Who’s more “metal?” Halloween‘s Michael Myers or The Lord of the Rings’ Frodo Baggins? If you don’t give the Hobbit extra credit because of Led Zeppelin it’s not exactly an easy question. How can you determine the heavy metal-ness of an iconic slasher versus that of Middle-earth’s savior? Trick question. You don’t have to thanks to this artist’s incredible metal covers of iconic movie songs. These heavy metal tracks let film fans and fictional characters alike from all genres rock out with the best of them.

Dr. Alan Grant with a hat and sunglassed in Jurassic Park, Frodo holding a sword, and Michael Myers in his Halloween mask
Universal Pictures/New Line Cinema

Get ready to head bang with some Ringwraith thanks to the metal musical stylings of musician Evan Wanous. The music producer has turned some famous movie scores into some heavy metal tracks. That includes multiple covers of songs from Middle-earth.

While we’re not sure Hobbits, humans, or elves at The Prancing Pony would dig these metal covers of The Lord of the Rings‘ greatest hits, we do think the citizens of Haddonfield would genuinely love his version of the legendary Halloween theme. Michael Myers himself might even stop for a moment to enjoy it if he heard this incredible track.

We’re not totally surprised a horror movie song would translate so well into a metal song. What we can’t believe is that music from Home Alone does, too.

It also turns out that converting an epic, sci-fi fantasy classic into heavy metal doesn’t mean you have to lose any of the movie score’s majesty. Wanous’ cover of John Williams’ beloved Jurassic Park theme proves that. It wouldn’t sound out of place when Dr. Grant sees a living dinosaur for the first time.

You can check out more of Wanous’ movie covers, along with more of his music, on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Don’t expect to find a definitive answer to who is more “metal” when it comes to a famous serial killer or a famous Hobbit, though. With these songs, they both are.

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