Sing to Pay for Your Ride on Fortum’s Music Festival Singalong Shuttle

Thanks to the rise of ride-sharing apps, it’s never been easier to take a quick or an extended car trip. But what if you could only pay for a ride by belting out one of your favorite songs?

Via Mashable, the clean energy company Fortum is making the wild idea into a reality from July 6 to July 8 for the 49th Ruisrock Festival in Finland with the Fortum Singalong Shuttle. As noted by Fortum, the drivers don’t accept cash or credit cards. Instead, the only way to pay is to sing and keep the music going. While we may not recognize all of the lyrics from the Singalong Shuttle’s teaser video, it definitely looks like a fun a experience–and it’s way better than trying to make awkward conversation with the ride share driver.

One of Fortum’s goals for the Singalong Shuttle is to show off how quietly their vehicles run on electric power. Each car will have a built in sound level meter to track audible noises. Tablets in the shuttles allow passengers to pick their tunes and follow along with the lyrics as they appear on the screen.

So far, there’s no indication  this experiment will be replicated at other music festivals or even make its way to the United States. However, it’s such a terrific idea that we’d love to see it catch on and expand.

What do you think about the Fortum Singalong Shuttle service? Is this a musical ride you’d like to experience in America? Sing us a song in the comment section below!

Featured Image: Fortum

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