Disney+ Announces MUPPETS MAYHEM Series

Forget The Beatles, another iconic band is heading to Disney+. The streaming platform has announced an all-new series starring our favorite rock and roll muppets, The Electric Mayhem Band. The iconic muppets band is recording its very first album, just 45 years after getting together. And we’ll get to see it all come to life in The Muppets Mayhem, But as rock and roll legends, pulling together an album is no small feat. So naturally, they’ll take a young A&R exec along for the wild muppet ride.

A publicity image of the Muppets' band Electric Mayhem
The Muppets Studio/Disney+

Here’s the synopsis from Disney+:

After 45 years of rockin’ out, The Electric Mayhem goes on an epic musical journey to finally record their first studio album. With the help of a driven young music executive, Nora, the old-school Muppet band comes face to face with the current day music scene as they try to finally go platinum.

Lilly Singh is the token human in the mix, playing the A&R executive Nora. But luckily the entire Electric Mayhem crew is on board. The band consists of Dr. Teeth on vocals and keyboards; Animal on drums; Floyd Pepper on vocals and bass; Janice on vocals and lead guitar; Zoot on saxophone; and Lips on trumpet.

While we’re seeing no shortage of Muppets-related content over at Disney+, this new series highlights some of our favorite supporting Muppets characters.

The Muppets band Electric Mayhem performing
The Jim Henson Company

“We are so excited to bring the story of The Electric Mayhem Band to the front and center of this new series. They’ve been entertaining audiences since The Muppet Show, which debuted 45 years ago, so it’s wonderful that these characters are finally getting to play lead rather than supporting roles,” David Lightbody, executive producer and senior vice president of Disney Live Entertainment and The Muppets Studio, said in a press release.

Adam F. Goldberg, Bill Barretta (a longtime puppeteer for the Muppets), and Jeff Yorkes developed and wrote the series. Disney+ didn’t mention a release date in its press release. But we’ll be on the lookout and blasting our favorite Electric Mayhem house tracks in the meantime.

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