Did the Protectors of the Universe Appear in MS. MARVEL’s Trailer?

Ms. Marvel has long been one of our favorite Marvel characters. Since her solo series debuted in 2014, she’s become one of the most beloved ground level heroes in comics history. So we’re understandably excited about her joining the MCU. In both of the teasers released so far we’ve seen a mysterious group of people walking out of some ominous mist. While the mist is likely a nod to Kamala Khan’s comic book origins—in which she got her powers through the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mist—the people walking through it are more mysterious. Some eagle-eyed fans thought they could be the Netflix Defenders (wouldn’t that be cool?) though we have a more comic-centric idea that ties into the hero’s newly reimagined powers in her titular TV show. Those mysterious figures in the Ms. Marvel clips just might be the Protectors of the Universe.

Were the People Walking Through the Fog the Protectors of the Universe?
A still from the Ms Marvel trailer shows four ominous figures walking out of a fog possibly protectors of the universe
Marvel Studios

This is our best theory. In the comics, the Protectors of the Universe is the name of a select group of heroes chosen to protect our universe and—for the most part—to wear the Quantum Bands. Those are key to Ms. Marvel and our theory, but we’ll get to that a little later. For now here’s what you need to know about them. In the Marvel Comics, the Protectors of the Universe were selected by Eon and his daughter Epoch. The timeless cosmic deities chose worthy mantle holders and gifted them with Cosmic Awareness and the Quantum Bands. Those mythical gauntlets gave the heroes energy manipulating powers and a level of status in the universe as they highlighted their role as Protector of the Universe.

Multiple heroes have held the mantle including well known heroes like Captain Marvel and Quasar, and lesser known powered people like Glakandar, Ree, Trantra, Andwella, a member of the alien race known as the Shi’ar, and more. Interestingly, the original Captain Marvel known as Mar-Vell was the only Protector who didn’t get to wear the Quantum Bands. The bands and the Protectors are deeply connected to cosmic Marvel, including to Thanos who once resurrected multiple members of the group and gave them Infinity Gauntlet-created Quantum Bands. The bands are also key to Kree lore where they’re known as “Power-Bands of Rinn.” And if you’re a Ms. Marvel reader, you’ll know that Kamala Khan is about the biggest Kree fangirl that there is. That’s because her hero is Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

Why Would the Protectors of the Universe Show up in Ms. Marvel?
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan making a fist.
Marvel Studios

Well, that all comes down to those Quantum Bands. In the comics, Ms. Marvel has powers akin to the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards. She can stretch and shape her molecules to change her appearance, body, and density. But in the trailers for the show it seems like her powers have changed. Instead, we see her with a pair of bracelets that look a lot like the Quantum Bands. Those bracelets seem to be giving Kamala her powers, which appear to allow her to manipulate energy and matter, just like the Quantum Bands. So if that is where Ms. Marvel gets her powers from, the Protectors of the Universe could be there to help the young hero. But, of course, there’s another option too: perhaps they’re there to reclaim what they see as theirs.

If It Is Them, What Does It Mean for Ms. Marvel?
Kamala Khan smiling at her new powers in the Ms. Marvel teaser trailer (1)
Marvel Studios

It could mean she has some powerful allies or antagonists depending on the way the show goes. What it would definitely confirm, though, would be a connection to the cosmic side of Marvel. The newest trailer definitely leans into that aspect so we wouldn’t be surprised. Also, something really cool would be that if Kamala is wearing the Quantum Bands, it likely means that she’s been deemed worthy to be a hero. Few Marvel characters are chosen to be heroes, especially ground level ones, so it would be an interesting twist that would recognize Kamala’s importance. It would also give Kamala a closer connection to her idol, Carol Danvers. Plus, if that is the Protectors of the Universe, we could see Ms. Marvel end up as a legacy member of that group.

Whatever happens we can’t wait to see Ms. Marvel make her MCU debut in June.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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