Mr. Robot’s Elliot Tried to Find the Leslie Jones Hacker on SNL

There are lots of ways class-A hackers can use their computer skills to help make the world a better place. For instance: tracking down the jerks on the internet that have made it their mission to harass and embarrass female entertainers. One memorable example is the one who hacked  Leslie Jones this summer. Taking him down is a mission  Mr. Robot‘s Elliot can take on without facing any kind of moral quandary.

That’s what happened on this week’s season premiere of  Saturday Night Live. The episode presented a parody sketch where the world of Mr. Robot was tasked with finding out who was responsible for hacking and leaking Leslie Jones’ personal files earlier this year. Stepping into the role of Elliot was  Pete Davidson, with Robbie as Darlene, and newcomer Mikey Day filling in for Christian Slater as Mr. Robot himself, who Leslie Jones was able to see. “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts,” she said, in the sketch’s best line.

This was a spot-on spoof, especially visually, with Jones calling out how no one can seem to get into the center of a shot. But the best part was Jones’s ability to laugh and take ownership of what was a very real, very awful violation of her privacy.

In short, Leslie Jones is the best. Though she definitely should come up with a better password so she doesn’t need Elliot’s help again.

What did you think of this sketch? What did you think of the season premiere? Head into our comments section below to tell us what you think.

Images: NBC

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