Mr. Robot Gets Official Funko Pop! Debut

You know that thought experiment about how an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters will eventually produce all the literary works in the world? Those monkeys must be in charge of coming up with new toy ideas at  Funko, because boy do they churn out a lot of great pop culture-inspired figures. At this point, it’s pretty much a fact of reality that if a property exists, there will soon be a Funko POP! vinyl figure made of it — and lucky for fans of the acclaimed USA network series  Mr. Robot, this time it’s their turn.

As announced by Entertainment Weekly, Funko has unveiled six new figures inspired by the cast of Mr. Robot: two Elliot Aldersons (hoodie up and down), Darlene, Angela, the White Rose, and Mr. Robot himself. Oh man, is this the first time B.D. Wong is getting the Funko treatment? Because I totally approve. Check out the whole line below:

But that’s not all — while the rest of the figures are due for a May release, there’ll also be a seventh figure available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. But who will it be? My guess is Tyrell Wellick, but I’d love to see how they’d design a masked fsociety hacker in the now-classic Funko POP! Style. After all, they did make a  V For Vendetta vinyl figure once!

If you’ve got any theories about what the seventh Mr. Robot POP! Vinyl will be, tell us all about them in the comments below!

Images: Entertainment Weekly, Funko

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