Mr. Potato Head Joins STAR WARS with The Yamdalorian Toy

On this planet Mr. Potato Head is a hero of kid’s playrooms everywhere. But in the galaxy far, far away another tuber protects a single child of great importance. His name strikes fear wherever he goes. In friends and foe alike. Forget Star Wars‘ fearsome Mandalorian. This bounty hunter is known as The Yamdalorian. And he’s a real toy that comes with his very own little green tyke to take care of.

The Yamdalorian without his helmet on looking at the Tot, from Hasbro's The Mandlalorian Mr. Potato Head
Hasbro/Entertainment Earth

Bring some space saga to your kid’s toy chest with Hasbro’s newest Star Wars plaything. This intergalactic version of Mr. Potato Head is ready to carry Grogu, in this case known as the Tot, everywhere he goes. Even in his stomach. The Yamdalorian features a 5-and-a-half inch body and comes with 14 parts to make him into the greatest bounty spud in the universe. That includes a Mandalorian helmet, armor, and cape. As well a base with feet, eyes, two arms, two ears, nose, and mustache. And his adopted son can also fit inside his pouch.

While they might not appreciate this toy’s perfect pun name, The Yamdalorian was made for preschoolers. Each accessory is meant for “little hands.” (Obviously any Force-sensitive baby’s can just do the magic hand thingy to put the pieces together.)

Hasbro's Mandalorian Mr. Potato Head With Tot standing next to his box
Hasbro/Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Potato Head The Yamdalorian and the Tot is not out just yet. It hits stores in February. However, you can already pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth. You can bring the galaxy’s bounty tater home for $15.99. That’s a lot cheaper than we’d expect. For something like this we’d imagine the price tag would start with at least one piece of Beskar.

Just be careful though with yours. You never know when a famous Jedi will show up and take your Tot away. And there’s no potato pun in the galaxy that will cheer you up after that. (But this one is close.)

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