Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Exist Because Sure Why Not

Mountain Dew and Doritos are a tried and true combination of absurd flavors. The pairing is so iconic they are the de facto snack in lazy jokes about gamer stereotypes. Why do they work so well together? Neither science nor religion can answer that. But only because no one cares to find out the reason. Sometimes you just accept reality for what it is. And the reality is that it tastes good to wash down intense nacho cheese chips with neon green soda that actually tastes like neon green. But just because two things go together well doesn’t mean you should literally put them together. But try telling that to PepsiCo. It’s released Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos, a real product you can really buy and really eat.

But should you? Maybe.

Mountain Dew Doritos Energised, which we first heard about at Delish, is the newest snacking option to hit stores Down Under. This limited edition version is only available in Australia. At least for now. It turns the distinct flavor profile of “zesty zing” lemon citrus—and greenness—of Mountain Dew into a dust for Doritos.

The result is a snack that looks even weirder than it sounds. But apparently they taste… really good! At least that’s what some initial reviews say.

We did not expect that.

We also had no idea these have existed before. The first time was in 2008, when they were secret-flavored Doritos Quest. Mountain Dew turned out to be the secret flavor. They then returned in 2014 as Dewitos. That version was taste-tested on college campuses. However, it never made it to stores.

Clearly PepsiCo looked at the world right now and said, “Now is the time.” And you know what? Maybe they are right. Things are pretty “weird” at the moment. And we already know Mountain Dew goes well with Doritos. So should you try them? We say do the Dew Doritos.

But what do you think we should wash them down with?

Featured Image: Elly Awesome

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