MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Trailer Looks to Rewrite History (But Not the Classic Theme Song)

The past and future collide in the trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, which looks to rewrite history as it lets players fight with their favorite combatants from multiple time periods across generations of the franchise.

If you could only fight with one Mortal Kombat character ever, who would you choose? And which version of them would you most want to play with? You won’t have to pick just one when you play Mortal Kombat 11, because the game’s trailer shows that everything from the past, present, and future is on the table, as a powerful new character wants to turn back the clock to the start of time itself and rewrite history in her own image. But don’t worry, even if she is going to change everything we have ever known or will, the iconic Mortal Kombat song we love is still there.

That song will now be stuck in our heads for a month, and we are totally fine with that.

The trailer, which features actual game play in addition to the storytelling aspects, highlights the role of Kronika, the creepy being who is playing around with time. (Not that we’re complaining, since young Johnny Cage meeting grizzled old Johnny Cage is an idea seemingly pulled directly from our dreams and manifested into one of the most highly anticipated games of the year.) Kronika “has signaled for a new era to begin as she tries to rewind time to its beginning and restart history,” and she is pulling characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, as well as fan favorites like Cyrax and Sektor, from across history itself to meet in the ultimate showdown.

So not only do we get to play with our favorite fighters from the franchise, we get to fight with our favorite iterations of them. Who knew messing with time could be so much fun? Especially when set to a timeless theme song.

Mortal Kombat 11 hits stores on April 23.

Featured Image: Mortal Kombat

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