Vibe to This ROGUE ONE Soundtrack with Unreleased Music

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the franchise’s first standalone live-action featured film. But the Skywalker family ( until the final moment at least) wasn’t the only notable absence from the movie. John Williams didn’t score it either. That honor went to composer Michael Giacchino. Now you can celebrate his soundtrack with a special new four-disc set from Mondo. It comes with more than great artwork and well-loved galactic tunes. This collection includes an entire hour of previously unreleased music for Rogue One.

Mondo's 4-disc Rogue One Soundtrack set on display with original artwork covers for the albums laying down

Mondo has announced its newest Star Wars vinyl collection. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Expanded Edition 4XLP (quite a mouthful!) has all of Giacchino’s music heard in the film. It also includes songs from Williams. But the big score for fans who can’t get enough of the galaxy far, far way’s music is 60 minutes of previously unreleased tracks written for Rogue One.

“This project was an almost five-week whirlwind of writing, recording, and mixing but I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the adventure and will always look back on those days with fond memories,” said Giacchino in a statement. “As with all the film scores I compose, my goal was to serve the story and the emotions of the film, but I think it was my 10-year-old brain who had the most fun composing for this new and exciting set of Star Wars characters and the worlds they inhabit.”

A black-and-white piece of art showing Darth Vader standing in front of the Death Star

Each album comes pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. And there are also all-new liner notes from Giacchino. The music isn’t the only reason Rogue One fans will want to get their hands on a set, though. It also boasts original black-and-white artwork by John Powell. (The Vader one alone is worth the price.)

You can pre-order the 4-disc set ($75) from Mondo’s online shop now. And we know plenty of Star Wars fans will do just that. They won’t want this album absent from their own collection.

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