Mondo Melts Our Cold Hearts With Animated-Style MR. FREEZE Figure

Remember when fans wanted Patrick Stewart to play Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin?

The Batman villain had quietly been undergoing a revamp to make him a tragic and deep character on Batman: The Animated Series, having cryogenically preserved his terminally ill wife before sustaining an accident that permanently lowered his own body temperature. Stewart would have had the depths to pull it off. Mondo Toys’ new 1/6 scale of Victor Fries will make you pine all over again for the casting that never was.

You won’t be pining for much else, though, as he comes equipped with his freeze-cannon, freeze blasts, gas tank, escaping vapor effect, frozen Batarang, and more! He also has approximately 28 points of articulation, allowing him to strike all sorts of anguished evil poses.

If you want the sad, sorta Patrick Stewart-y face, however, it only comes with the Mondo exclusive version, along with Nora Fries’ tombstone. It’s only $15 extra for this extra stuff. You might say to the Victor, the spoils.

Both figures are expected to ship during the 2nd quarter of 2019, and are up for preorder right now.

Don’t wait till they’re gone, or your head just might explode.

A first for this Freeze is the way he’s been painted with reflective lighting effects, like he literally popped of an animation cell. Note the highlights on his chest and limbs.

As the actor who did get the live-action role once said: “Ice to see you!” Now we want to see the spider-legs body sold separately. Man, that was creepy.

Does this toy news make you “cryo” tears of joy? Coldly go to comments below and show us your chill.

Images: Mondo

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