New MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS Trailer Proves Secrets Can’t Be Contained

You actually have to hand it to Monarch, the fictional clandestine government agency in Legendary’s Monsterverse. They have somehow managed to hide the existence of creatures the size of most skyscrapers from the entire world. Well, until now that is. Dun dun dunnnnnn. In the latest trailer for the Apple TV+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, we get a little bit more info about the many secrets the group have kept, and the one former soldier ready to blow some whistles. Also Godzilla is there for some boom-boom claw.

As the trailer explains, Anna Sawai’s character Cate was present in San Francisco when Godzilla made landfall in 2014’s Godzilla. A lot of people screamed, ran for cover, or stared in awe. But some filmed, like they expected it. This leads her to a collection of files from her father which contains information about Monarch. She, her brother, and friends eventually meet up with Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell) who once served under Monarch back in the ’50s (when he was played by real-life son Wyatt Russell). Together, hopefully, they can get to the bottom of why this planet isn’t ours like we thought.

Poster for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters shows the whole cast with Godzilla behind them.
Apple TV+

The trailer also shows us a bevy of monsters, creatures, and titans of all sorts. We see John Goodman, as his character from Kong: Skull Island, running from long-legged monsters on said water-surrounded landmass. It culminates in Shaw saying they could use some help. The conclusion gives us a gorgeous shot up Godzilla’s scaly back until he gives his iconic roar. Always gets us.

Godzilla roars in the trailer for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.
Apple TV+

The 10-episode series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will debut November 17 with two episodes followed by weekly episodes through January 12.

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