These M&M’s and Adidas Shoes Are Pretty Sweet

I’m a bit of a sucker for M&M’s—peanut M&M’s, the superior bite-sized chocolate snack, to be specific. In fact, I’m not above stopping at a local pharmacy or bodega for that sweet sharing-sized bag with no intention of sharing. But even I am wary of repping the candy on my feet. But Adidas and M&M’s have teamed up for some footwear that’ll have Hershey shaking in its (probably) generic Nikes. The M&M’s shoes are absolutely delicious.

A look at the M&M's and Adidas shoes and accessories

The two companies have combined for the M&M’s x Adidas Forum Low 84 shoes. (We first saw this at Design TAXI.) It’s a classic-looking sneaker with a twist. The sneakers are a bright yellow—much like the bag on that perfect stash of peanut M&M’s. But they’re also customizable. Crocs have somehow endured as a beloved shoe, no doubt because of their customizable nature with the bafflingly-named jibbitz. Don’t worry detractors, these M&M’s are no Crocs. But they have similar customizable accessories—laces, jewels, straps. They’re actually quite cool to look at.

Here’s what Adidas has to say about the new shoes:

Why blend in when you can stand out in these adidas x M&M’S shoes? Bringing together retro B-ball style with the laid-back attitude of everyone’s favorite button-shaped candy brand, they make every step more fun. They have a luxe leather upper and rubber sole, plus an M perforation on the toe box and a removable M&M’S flag on the side. Accessories let you customize the look—we’re talking six extra laces, 20 lace jewels, two straps and attachable details, just to name a few of them. Have fun with it. Just don’t try to eat them.
A look at the M&M's and Adidas shoes with an accessory

Wise advice for such a sweet-looking shoe.

Adidas sold the $150 M&M’s shoes on its CONFIRMED app.  Unfortunately, the sweet sneaks are currently sold out. But we’re hoping this is just the start of a fruitful relationship between the brands. After all, I am a peanut M&M’s gal but that doesn’t mean I won’t say no to caramel, pretzel, or even an original M&M. And they might serve as the perfect inspiration for Adidas’ next line. Why even stop there—let’s get Skittles, Snickers, and the whole Mars. Corp in on this.

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