Can I Interest You in a Pair of Stiletto Crocs?

Crocs are having a moment. Questlove wore them to the OscarsSuccession‘s Nicholas Braun spent a lot of the last 15 months hyping the comfy Croslite shoes on his Instagram. (And its fun decorative assets known, quite bafflingly, as jibbitz.) In 2020, we eschewed bras and jeans for comfy clothing, and our feet got in on the action.

While oft-maligned, the shoe is making a comeback in a very big way, this time coming for our hearts and minds—not just our worn, tired feet. You see, Crocs are not about to go the way of ballerina flats. With the brand’s latest foray into high fashion, the famously flat shoes are no more. Crocs’ new collaboration with Balenciaga is firmly breaking the comfortable formerly foam-based mold. Enter stiletto Crocs. Yes, these shoes now come armed with several inches of heel. And just like that… the biting pain that usually occurs after hour seven in high heels is nipping at my arches.

a green croc with a very high heel


The collaboration, which we first saw at The Mary Sue, reportedly debuted as part of Balenciaga’s Spring ’22 collection. Thus far, there aren’t many details available. Namely, exactly how much the shoes cost, the heel’s height, whether they come in colors other than Nickelodeon Slime green and black. But we can surmise, based on Balenciaga’s previous collaboration with the brand— 2017’s $850 platform Crocs—that they’ll cost an exorbitant amount of money. Crocs’ collaboration with Christopher Kane also boasted several hundred-dollar shoes.)

While previous Crocs collabs featured fun, limited-edition designs on the tried and true shoe model, the Stiletto Crocs appears to be new territory for the brand. And we must applaud the effort. Way to keep it fresh, Crocs. Do want a pair of these audacious shoes? My head is saying, “No,” but my heart is also saying, “no.” My feet, meanwhile, are crying “Ouch, think of us!” And yet… I’m intrigued.

Does it make sense to remove the redeeming quality, comfort, from Crocs? Certainly not. But for those who inevitably run, not walk, to buy these stilettos, please avoid cobblestone streets!

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