Ethan Hunt only works with the best of the best at the Impossible Mission Force. His teams throughout the Mission: Impossible movies bring exceptional talent to the table. But what if Paddington—yes, the bear—helped out? Maybe the sweet bear can bring more than an undying passion for marmalade to the table. In fact, Paddington might be made for the spy life. The latest Nerdist Remix brings together the worlds of Mission: Impossible and Paddington. Watch the trailer mashup below.

Edited by Matt Caron, the Mission ImPaddington mashup brings quite the cast of characters together. We can’t decide if Luther would embrace Paddington or just sigh with exasperation throughout the mission. Benji, however, would become best friends with Paddington immediately. They’d probably stay in touch long after the mission ended to exchange marmalade recipes. Ethan would adopt Paddington. Maybe he’d give the bear a new identity and send him to live with Julia.

Paddington and Ethan Hunt collage for a Mission: Impossible and Paddington mashup

If you’re ready for more Mission: Impossible and/or Paddington, we have good news for you. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One arrives in theaters on July 12. While the next Paddington film isn’t on the immediate horizon, a third installment, Paddington in Peru, is in the works.

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