Miracle of Sound Unleashes War in New For Honor Original Song

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Earlier this year, gaming fans were introduced to the hack-and-slash glory of For Honor, a new title that puts players in control of knights, samurai, and vikings in a fantasy world unlike our own history. And while the warriors are divided into factions, they are united by war.

Miracle of Sound (a.k.a. Gavin Dunne) has released his original For Honor-inspired song, “We Are War,” which gives the game an unexpected metal battle anthem. “This song started with an overall idea of the structure (a verse for each faction and a chorus linking them) and with the vocal hook ‘We are war,'” explained Dunne during a brief interview with Geek & Sundry. “I tend to write everything in scattered parts rather than lyrics or music all at once.”

Dunne went on to reveal that why he choose the title of “We Are War.” “The central antagonist in the campaign, Apolleon, believes that war is the natural state of humanity and strives to continue it as the default by setting the 3 factions against one another. That’s where the idea of the line came from, the idea that war is an inherent part of us and in many cases defines us.” Dunne added that “I knew I wanted it to have a metal feel overall as to me that fit with the big, angry, chunky characters and combat system. I listened to Rammstein all week for inspiration for big, plodding, chunky guitar riffs. It was fun to also get to mix a different feel into each verse. The knights have classical lutes, the vikings have war horns and chants and the samurai have kotos and Japanese flutes.”

“I think this song took around 60-70 hours to complete,” noted Dunne. “There’s a lot going on in it and it was hard to get the mix sounding right.” He added that “it’s a great game despite how bad I was at it. I’d love to see more factions added in a future iteration. The campaign was really good too so maybe a longer one next time!”

For more of Dunne’s music, you can visit Dunne’s Bandcamp page, which has seven albums of his Miracle of Sound music, a heavy metal album, instrumental albums and other recordings. Dunne also regularly updates his Miracle of Sound YouTube channel with new songs based on video games, movies, and TV series. Dunn also gave us a few teasers for his upcoming original songs. “Next is getting Horizon Zero Dawn finished (what a game, amazing) and maybe a song on that, then it’s going to be all Mass Effect: Andromeda for a month or two.”

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

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