We Need This Giant Millennium Falcon Bouncy House

Christmas and Hanukkah just ended, but there is one present all fans of the galaxy far, far away will want to retroactively add to their holiday wish lists. And no, waiting until next year will not be an option once you see it. You can now bring home your very own “life-sized” Millennium Falcon bouncy house. It might look like it’s for kids, but it’s big enough for anyone to enjoy. Just so long as anyone has an extra $10,000 lying around to spend on the most enormous Star Wars toy you’ll ever find.

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This officially-licensed Millennium Falcon Hyperspace Jump Experience (which we first saw at UNILAD) comes from Magic Jump. The company says “it’s unlike any playland, combo unit or obstacle course ever seen before,” and we definitely agree. We have never seen anything like it. This isn’t just a regular bouncy house, this is like the greatest play set ever made. There is so much more to this massive, 35-foot by 30-foot by 15-foot, 1136-pound inflatable “experience” than just jumping up and down. From the official description:

“The exterior features a comprehensive application of the actual graphics of the Millennium Falcon’s armored hull, while the interior contains iconic features seen in Star Wars movies. Passengers will encounter a Chewbacca inflatable as they enter and an R2D2 inflatable replica and C-3PO graphic as they jump their way around the ship. Passengers will feel the rush as they imagine piloting the Millennium Falcon like Han Solo and Chewbacca as they explore the cockpit area; pretend to operate the cockpit’s master control panel with its gears, switches, and buttons; and eject themselves down a small slide.

In the main cabin, they’ll come across inflatable pop-up obstacles such as a bunk, storage container, and holo-map where they can see a holographic-like rendering of the Death Star. Passengers can step up to the laser cannon turret where they can pretend to defend against Imperial forces, and they can also pretend to play dejarik at the hologame table. The pièce de ré·sis·tance is the climber/slide in the center of the ship with ceiling hatch graphic showing explosive battle with a Star Destroyer and TIE fighters.”

As incredible as all that sounds, it doesn’t do the inflatable Millennium Falcon any justice. It’s so much bigger than you think. You really do have to see it to believe it.

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Seriously, can we live in this? At least during warm-weather months?

If we buy one we will probably have to. It comes with a $9,495 price tag ($11,495 MSRP). It’s either this or rent. Unless, of course, we use it for what it’s actually designed for. We could always go into the bouncy house rental business too.

Maybe next year someone can gift us a Millennium Falcon bouncy house business plan.

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