The Millennium Falcon Has Landed at Disneyland

The reality of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland just got a lot more real. That right there is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, as it now appears in solid, full-sized form in Anaheim, California’s flagship theme park. As with the Haunted Mansion, we suspect most of the actual ride — dubbed “ Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run” — will be contained within the building behind and under it, but the presence of one of the true stars of the Star Wars saga in a 1:1 scale is likely to make it into many, many holiday snapshot backdrops from here on out. And as expected, it is the sequel trilogy version of the Falcon, though we’re really curious to see if, next Christmas season, Disney decides to go with a “Life Day” decoration scheme. For that and all the Star Wars things, frankly.Here’s the full image (click to enlarge), via Disneyland’s Facebook page: The motion-simulator ride is expected to be hosted by Hondo, who has clearly kept on keeping on since his appearances in the animated shows, as he sends your crew on various missions where your skill at piloting the ship will determine whether your outcome is a happy victory or disastrous crash (or points in between). The planet Batuu, which the park represents, can currently be glimpsed at the climax of the Star Tours ride, but a more interactive experience with it and its outpost town of Black Spire is only a couple seasons away now.We’re just hoping the lines to get inside our favorite ship aren’t as perilous or challenging as the Kessel Run itself.

Image: Disneyland

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