Just before binge-worthy television shows had advanced to the category of “medical necessity,” Netflix introduced the world of The Witcher. The world in question offered no shortage of intrigue for the fantasy lovers among us. But the centerpiece of the series was its main character: the oft-bathing Geralt of Rivia, portrayed by Henry Cavill. Now, fans are duly excited for The Witcher’s forthcoming second season; however, the absence of Geralt in the developing prequel series Blood Origin may feel like a dealbreaker for Witcher watchers. Luckily, we now have as exciting a headliner as we can imagine for the forthcoming spin-off: Michelle Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh, smiling in a void


Netflix announced on Tuesday, via press release, that Yeoh would be joining The Witcher: Blood Origins in a lead role. She will play a character named Scían, whom Netflix describes as “the very last of her nomadic tribe of sword-elves.”

Here is the streamer’s full description of the character, from the press release:

No one can come close to [Scían’s] artistry with the blade, and no one carries as much loss within their heart. When a chance presents itself to retrieve a stolen sacred sword, taken from her fallen tribe by nefarious means, she launches herself into a deadly quest that will change the outcome of the Continent.

She will star beside the already cast Laurence O’Fuarain, who plays Fjall, a warrior duty-bound to serve his king. Fjall, like Scían, is a tortured soul thanks to a personal history of heartbreak. Seems like these two will have a fair share of “dark past” material to bond over. (That kind of thing usually brings unlikely allies together in situations like this!)

Yeoh has starred in everything from Tomorrow Never Dies to Memoirs of a Geisha to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Star Trek: Discovery. And she has wowed in each, and everything in between.

No word yet on when the six-part miniseries The Witcher: Blood Origins will release. However,  The Witcher season two will hit Netflix some time in 2021. So as long as we get some Witcher soon, we’ll be okay.

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