Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Is Coming to IMAX 3D for the First Time

One surefire way to get into the Halloween spirit every year is by watching Michael Jackson‘s “ Thriller” for the millionth time. This fall, we’ll be able to kick off the spooky season in an all new, very big way, because for the first time ever the iconic music video is dancing its way to IMAX 3D.

Starting on September 21, IMAX and the late King of Pop’s estate are teaming up to bring Thriller 3D to select IMAX theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada for one week only. Fittingly, it will air before showings of Eli Roth’s upcoming kid’s horror movie starring Jack Black, The House with a Clock in Its Walls.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D was remastered under the supervision of its director John Landis from an original 35mm film negative that was in Jackson’s archives before then being converted to 3D. It originally premiered last year at the 74th Venice Film Festival, but this fall will be the first time it’s shown on the biggest screen of them all after being converted specifically for IMAX theaters.

Considering the video, originally released in December of 1982, has over 530 million views since being posted on YouTube in 2009, we’re willing to bet this is going to be an IMAX-sized hit with fans. That’s why our only complaint is that it will only be shown for one week in September.

Sure, this is a perfect way to get into the most wonderfully creepy time of the year, but part of the thrill of the season is watching this video over and over. But even if we only get it for one week this year, hopefully IMAX will raise this idea from the dead so it can become a new annual fall tradition for us.

Would you pay to see this in IMAX even without another movie attached? Tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: Michael Jackson YouTube

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