Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Debut BACK TO THE FUTURE Collection

There hasn’t been a new installment of the Back to the Future franchise in 32 years. And honestly, we’d like it to stay that way. Not everything needs to go on indefinitely. But it’s a true testament to the staying power of this trilogy over so many decades, because folks still love these movies as much as ever. And a large part of that love comes from the incredible onscreen chemistry of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, respectively. Now, the two iconic actors are partnering on a new line of apparel and products celebrating Back to the Future, and they had a hand in designing (and modeling) all the new swag. There are posters, shirts, hats, and of course, vests. No hoverboards though. Maybe next time. You can check out several images of the new Back to the Future collection right here:

A lot of the designs have that wonderful ’80s neon flair, which is very appropriate, given the franchise. We also especially love the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” design. It just might be your density to purchase that one. Ok, we apologize for that dad joke. But hey, speaking of dads, there is an Outatime “dad hat.” At least that’s what they call it. Although we think you can still wear it even if you’re not a dad. There’s not a rule or anything.

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox model the new Back to the Future collection.
Universal Pictures

They sadly already sold out of the best item in this collection already. It’s the new “Outatime since ’85” poster, signed by both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Even at nearly $500.00 a pop, fans snatched those up in record time. Regular versions are still available though. For those and other great products from the collection, get in your Delorean and head on over to the Back to the Future official shop.

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