Mexican Restaurant Serves Super Silly AVENGERS: ENDGAME/Thanos Commercial

“I am inevitable.”
“And I am Iron Man.”

Tony Stark’s final exchange in Avengers: Endgame already stands as one of the most iconic moments in movie history, as the MCU’s first hero sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos forever. His words beautifully hearkened back to the end of the original Iron Man, when he announced to the world he was behind the suit. It was a powerful, moving scene, one that has stayed with us ever since and always will. Now, we will also remember it for a very (very) different reason. It’s the basis for one of the silliest commercials we’ve ever been blessed to watch, because instead of using the Infinity Stones to make the Mad Titan disappear, the owner of this Mexican restaurant snapped his fingers and made Thanos dance. And oooooh how he dances.

The word “glorious” comes to mind at a time like this, and yet that feels grossly inadequate to describe the next-level genius/insanity of this commercial, which we are grateful to Twitter user @goingonajournie for sharing with the world.

For those of you like myself who don’t speak Spanish, the finger-snapping chef says, “And I am Takesabroso,” which is the name of the restaurant in Veracruz, Mexico who cooked up this ridiculous premise. Do we think this violates every single international trademark and licensing right? Unquestionably. They might have to invent a few more laws because of it. But do we think Marvel should take action against it? No. That would make them bigger villains than Thanos. Disney has made roughly 400 gatrillion dollars this year alone, so we think they can forgo a few bucks for an amazing commercial that brings us such joy.

If they insist on getting them though, we’ll pay for it. All they have to do is re-release Endgame with a slightly different ending. This time, instead of Tony snapping Thanos out of existence, he can make the Mad Titan die of embarrassment by having him dance.

Featured Image: Marvel

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