Celebrate Zelda Style with A MERRY HYRULE CHRISTMAS

If you’re a child of the ’90s, chances are some of your favorite holiday memories involved getting the latest The Legend of Zelda game as a gift, and then promptly playing it for the rest of the holidays and ignoring the rest of your family. The holidays and characters like Link and Ganon are tied together in the memories of so many. So it’s only fitting that someone finally release a proper The Legend of Zelda Christmas album. Honestly, how did this take so long?

Celebrate Zelda Style with A MERRY HYRULE CHRISTMAS_1

Materia Collective

The folks at Materia Collective are mashing up classic Christmas carols with the world of the classic Nintendo game for A Merry Hyrule Christmas. Produced by Eric Buchholz (Hero of Time) together with a merry band of arrangers, this festive collection is sure to bring a smile to your face. These clever arrangements will bring cheer to both Christmas music lovers and fans of the kingdom of Hyrule. With grandiose orchestra and choir combined with epic rock stylings, A Merry Hyrule Christmas has something for pretty much everyone.

The full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Kakariko Village
  2. O Sacred Light
  3. Clock Town Sleigh Ride
  4. Silent Knight
  5. Carol of the Goddess
  6. Dragon Roost Hymn
  7. Din Rest Ye Merry Deku Scrubs
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas

In a statement, producer Eric Buchholz said “A Merry Hyrule Christmas is the first album to combine music from The Legend of Zelda franchise with classic holiday tunes of various genres. We have Zelda music with a Christmas twist, as well as Christmas music with a Zelda twist!. My goal was to create an album of videogame music that could blend in seamlessly with classic holiday tunes. I love the idea of folks being able to ‘trick’ their parents, grandparents, and family into listening to videogame music—without them realizing it!”

A Merry Hyrule Christmas is now available on all storefronts and streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Materia Collective

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